Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Inspiration to Scrap By - Fall Fashion Trends 2008

In honor of AllyScraps month long contest, "AllyScraps Next Top Scrapbooker", I decided to delve into the world of fashion and scrapbooking and see how they intermingle!

Fashion dictates trends (or do the trends dictate fashion? which came first, the chicken or the egg? - that is for you to decide! LOL!) From handbags and home decor to scrapbooking, many of the products you love to hoard are inspired by the fashions that strutted down the runway at New York Fashion week (or some other fashion show).

Based on this year's fall fashion watch we can expect to see lots of fun "new" trends and the reemergence of some old trends. Architectural forms, country/western, feathers, goth and the color purple are all are "in"! - So, watch your favorite scrapbook store for some of these influences in the next few months!

This week I challenged myself to be a fashion forward scrapper and embrace these new trends. I found an article on Elle magazine's website (http://www.elle.com/atozee#/home/) discussing Fall Fashion Trends for 2008 (there are 26 trends all challenge worthy!)... and used it to inspire my work. Here is where the trends took me:

Trend #1 - Purple - add some purple to your layouts this season for a fresh color palette

Trend #2 - Feather trims - feathers are in! - I added some plumage to my "Giving Thanks" card to kick it up a notch (oh, and to be "in style"! LOL!)
Trend #3 - The Dark Knight - Think goth. dark colors, metals, hard edges. I made this "Rock on" card using lace, metal chain and a skull painted silver.

Trend #4 - Go Western! - Fringe, rope, leather and country patterns are in! - I took advantage of this new trend and turned a "hi" card into a "howdy" card.

Feeling inspired by fashion now? Go check out the article on Elle's website and challenge yourself to be a fashion forward scrapbooker! (and don't forget to watch for these trends in your favorite local online store - like AllyScraps of course!).
and if you need more fashion inspired challenges (and games to boot) go check out the "AllyScraps Next Top Scrapbooker" contest at www.allyscraps.com . One lucky participant may be choosen to join our Design Team!
**fashion spreads are credited to Elle magazine (http://www.elle.com/atozee#/trends/p/)


Missy said...

The cards look great!!!

Gina said...

Those cards are amazing! Thanks for the great tip on finding inspiration.

Heather Lough said...

Those cards are awesome. Great takes on the trends.