Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sweet Gifts on a Shoestring Budget!

The holiday season is approaching!

Time to make those lists and check them twice!

There are lots of people to remember, huh? and given the economy, funds are probably tight.

You might think about scaling back... or you might get inventive!

Looking around my scraproom I found I have lots of things that I could repurpose for making cost friendly gifts! -

That plastic packaging that my favorite embellishments come is the first thing I thought of; I have a ton and I know you do too! These have a variety of repurposing possibilities.

In this project I used the packaging from Bo Bunny Stick em Up embellishments and MME's Be Merry collection ( to make a treat container.

It makes a cute, simple and yet sweet gift to remember coworkers and neighbors! (maybe even your postman/woman or your children's classmates!)

I also used similiar packaging from Chatterbox's Artsy-licious embellishments to make an ornament for the tree. (and I only used scraps on this one!)

These are perfect for Grandparents, or any other member of your family!

The next thing I remembered is that I have a stash of old holiday cards! I cannot bear to throw them away, but do I really need to save them? probably not... These old holiday cards are the perfect source of inspiration and Christmas card embellishments! -

On the card below, I cut the Santa out of an old Christmas card and combined it with some scraps for a cute, cheap Christmas card that I can send to a friend or attach to a gift!

So, while times may be tough this holiday season, there is no reason to cross anyone off your list! You have a wealth of gift possibilities, that some might consider trash, right in your scraproom! With a little imagination you can give simple gifts that are full of thought and love... and not break your budget! (afterall, it is most important to remember it is the thought that really counts during the holidays, not the size of the gift!)...

Have fun creating



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