Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Guest Designer - Susan Alton!

We are so pleased to have Susan Alton (LadyMissSusan) as a guest designer for the month of December, here at AllyScraps. She prepared this super cool tutorial on how to make stiched ribbon flowers... here's Susan!

If you can thread a needle and do a whip stitch then you can make this ribbon flower!

1. Start with piece of ribbon, thread, needle and scissors.

2. Cut ribbon to 6"-10" depending on width of ribbon and desired size of flower. Thread needle and knot thread on end..(thread doesn't need to match exactly as you won't really see it.)

3. Fold ribbon in a zig-zag or pleating pattern.

4. Push needle thru all layers of the ribbon and pull until you know it hits the end.

5. Turn needle back thru all layers of the ribbon again. (If you would like a looser flower this step is not necessary.)

6. Pull ends around to touch, loosening pleats along the way.

7. Pull thread and needle to the back of flower.

8. Whip stitch the two ends together, knotting at end and cutting off thread

9. Your ribbon flower. You can add a button to the flower or possibly an old piece of jewelry as I did on this layout.

Thanks so much Susan, beautiful layout and cool project!

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Gina said...

very cool! Thanks for the directions.