Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bo Bonny Sweetie Pie & Splendid from Fancy Pants

It's hard to believe that Spring is only around the corner. With the weather being so dreary, wouldn't it be nice to add a little sunshine to your life?

Cathy has really excelled herself with her selection of gorgeous products.

Let's start with classic Jenni Bowlin. I love these Calendar Cards.

Or how about Sweetie Pie from Bo Bunny? Those colours are just so gorgeous.

This range would also work perfectly together with Fancy Pants Splendid. Mix and match for that true designer look!

There are more new products to share later this week. Remember shipping is still only $4.95 to anywhere in the United States and we are also happy to ship internationally.

Why not drop into the forum and join in with the fun and games?

Morag x


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