Friday, July 3, 2009

Fancy Magazine Holders

I have a super easy project for you today!! Dress up those plain boring magazine holders with some pretty scrapbook paper and ribbon.

I purchased my plain white magazine holders from Ikea. They were only a couple of dollars and came in a pack of 5. I needed to make 8 to go across my shelf in my scraproom. If you are on a tight budge, try using a cereal box. Just cut it on the diagonal.

First I picked out some scrapbook paper that I wanted to use. I only decorated the backs because that is all that you will see on my shelf, but feel free to wrap your paper the entire way around. Rather than Modge Podge, I used Yes! Paste. Use whatever adhesive you prefer.

Step 1: Tags. I made some circle tags in pink on my computer, then punched them out using a 1 1/2" circle punch. You can just use a color coordinated cardstock and some rubon letters if you prefer, or just hand write on your label. I punched a hole at the top of each tag and added a mini eyelet in pink. I used a 10 inch piece of embroidery thread, folded in half, tied into a loop, then attached to the tag.

Step 2. On the bottom 1/3 of my holder, I used black paint to go with my pink, black and white theme. You can use another patterned piece of paper on this step if you like, or just go with one full sheet... it's completely up to you. I painted first as to not mess up my patterned paper. Skip this step if you are not using paint.

Step 3. Next, I measured where I wanted my paper to go, trimmed the paper then adhered the sheet to the magazine holder. I then cut a piece of 3/4" wide pink ribbon and adhered that on top of my paper seem. (see below)


Step 4: Put a larger eyelet into the top center of your magazine holder. I used white to kind of make it disappear.

Step 5: Loop your tag thru the eyelet... you are now finished!

Step 6: Repeat, then fill your pretty magazine holders and put them on your shelf.


Now, doesn't that look better than plain boring magazine holders?
final mag holder

Have a great weekend, and Happy 4th of July.



Morag Cutts said...

How gorgeous! What a fabulous idea. I love your colour scheme too. TFS.

Jocelyn said...

These look awesome and I have several in my room from Ikea!!!! Now I want to change them and make them pretty like yours!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!! This would make a great make and take for my Book CLub next month!!!! Oh boy, the girls would love these!!!!

Millie said...

Gorgeous! I needed to make an Ikea run anyway so I am headed out!

Raechelle Bellus said...

these are so classy and gorgeous!!!

Classic Mully said...

OMG! I hate using OMG, but those look amazing!