Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're featuring Nikki Sivils here at AllyScraps today!

We're thrilled and excited to feature scrapbook manufacturer and designer Nikki Sivils on our blog today. Nikki is the sweetest person, SO talented and was so nice to spend some time with us here at AllyScraps.

Here's Nikki...

Since I'm sure that you'll want to know more about Nikki and take a look at her awesome products, here is a LINK to her fun site. (isnt' that little doggie cute?) Nikki took the time to answer some questions that we created over on the AllyScraps message board, here's what she shared with us.

1. How long have you been a scrapbooker? How did you get started scrapping?
I started in HS, in the 80's!! I have several scrapbooks with silverware from places like the Olive Garden, where I had my first "car date"!! Along with pictures and memorabilia like school programs. Then in the 90's I made several scrapbooks too, but really it was 2004 that I became obsessed with scrapbooking, you know... collecting, subscribing to every magazine out there and basically sending every waking moment thinking about scrapbooking!! :) I guess I've always recorded my memories!!

2. Tell us about your design studio/scrapbook space.
I love my space(s)!! Yes, I have a couple of them!! I have a 12 foot old farm table that I scrapbook on that's in a great little space upstairs that has these beautiful glass french doors that open into it!! This is where I create anything and everything by all manufacturers. My other space is where I create samples, experiment with my new products and play with just "Nikki Sivils" products! This space is right outside of the french doors and it's a loft over the living room, and kitchen. This is my new space and I've really enjoyed separating the spaces, makes it easier for me to concentrate on what I'm working on. Finally, downstairs in our dining room we have another 12 foot old farm table that my husband and I share for our "desk" I sit at one end and he sits at the other. This is where I work on my business and do some creating, mainly of products and paper lines, not hands on creating!!

3. How long had you been designing papers before you set up your own company?A couple of years ago I began to create many of the papers that just debuted like "My Sweet Cherry Pie". I have a pair of PJ bottoms that have a cherry design on them and one day I thought wouldn't be cool to have cherries and horseshoes together on paper!! (Those PJ's didn't have horseshoes on them but I've always had a horseshoe above my door for good luck!!) And some how the two just came together in my head. BTW I still have the PJ's!!

4. What was it like to go to CHA with your own products?
Let's see if I can find words to describe it...... overwhelming, scary, nerve-racking, exciting, I didn't sleep for weeks (seriously), I thought I was going to throw up every day leading up to CHA and every day at CHA!! Other than that it was great!! On the first day of CHA I made everyone that was working in my booth "huddle up" and I gave a little pep talk and started crying because in that very moment I realized my dream was actually coming true!! I'm choking up right now as I remember the feeling I had!! Exhilarating!!

5. What are your color inspirations? What colors are your favorite to work with?
I'm always inspired by the color red!! It evokes so many different feelings for me. (my wedding ring is even a ruby) My favorite colors to work with are black, red, pink, and brown!! But really there is not a color I don't like. I used to not like the color orange and now I love it, I find that it keeps popping up in my designs and scrapbook pages!!

6. How supportive is your family? Were they skeptical when you first decided to start your own line?
My husband Dan is of course VERY supportive as we are working this company together all day every day!!! I do have a very supportive family, however at first they didn't understand what I was doing, and I had to show them the inventory and explain each item!! (I think a few of them still don't understand, but are supportive still.) My Mom is always asking me why I'm still so busy even after I just finished designing my paper!! If only it was that simple, there are so many factors in some of the smallest details, I had no idea about until I started.

7. Any plans to add to your lines with rubons or stickers or alphabets?
Yes!! I have a couple of new products for the spring in the works right now!! In fact I just approved the quotes for stickers and alpha stickers a few hours ago!! Now I have to start the artwork for them. Shhhhhh..... don't tell!!

8. What advice would you give someone who wants to start out in the industry?
Passion is a must, because I've never worked so hard in my life!! Most of it is fun work, but it can be very time consuming. I can't imagine doing it without my husband, Dan, he's a retired attorney and I can't tell you how great that is for me! Just reading a contract and knowing if it's reasonable or not, that's Dan's department along with everything shipping, marketing, and advertising. Also there is so much "behind the scenes" that takes place daily that we actually had to hire a lady full time to help us out!! I'm a little bit controlling when it comes to my business so letting go of certain things is VERY hard for me but I have to or not enough would get done!! It is normal to not have all the answers, you just have to keep solving problems as they arise.

9. What's coming up next?? Themes? Color schemes, etc.? Will you do a dog line to match the dog on your site??
Hmmmm, what can I tell you that won't give too much away.... I'm not doing any "holiday" themes for the spring. I have some not so traditional colors for spring, like lots of black. (but very fun "out of the box" stuff)
Will you do a dog line to match the dog on your site??
Yes and NO.... I have a "pet" line coming out in the spring, but it's not just dog or cat....... sorry I can't give you anymore than that!!
I'd love to do just an all "Willie-B" (that's my dog's name and logo) dog line, but I'm afraid that not everyone would like it as much as me!!!

10. What do you think the new "hot trends" will be?
I actually try really hard not to think about that question, because I'd like to be the trend setter!!LOL!! Also if I thought about what the "trend" is too much I think I would go crazy second guessing myself, I just try and focus on what my passion is and what I'd want to scrapbook with!!

Thanks Nikki for all of your fun answers to our questions! And guess what? Nikki is a great scrapbooker too. She created a couple of fun projects to share with you.

Here is Nikki's sweet ghost mini album.

Here are some cute cupcakes that she made and a fun card too.

Now, while Nikki was busy designing, Cathy put the AllyScraps Design Team to work... Raechelle, Chris and I also made some fun projects with Nikki's Halloween line. Take a look.

Chris made this awesome layout.

Raechelle made one of her famous bottle sets, this time incorporating candy and a fun "potion" look.

I made a SPOOKY layout and a fun card.

Then one day when I was checking out Jana Eubank's BLOG, I found these super cute projects. (I had forgotten that Jana was on the Nikki Sivil's Design Team!) I asked Jana first of course, and she was thrilled to have her projects up on our blog too!

I just love Jana's work, thanks Jana! (oh and look for Jana at AllyScraps in October!)

Wow! That's a lot of pictures... hope something inspires you. By the way, I'm sure you know that Cathy carries the full line of Nikki Sivils products right HERE in the store. And, just for fun, Cathy has given me some Nikki Silvis Halloween products to give away! Hurray and thanks Cathy. So to be eligible to win the prize, just comment on this post and tell us what kind of products you'd love to see Nikki create. Comment by next Thursday, September 24th and I'll pick a winner. Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!

~ Dana


Cindy said...

These are all great - every last one of them! I especially like the mini ghost album. I enjoy making mini albums and would like to see more "mini album kits". Complete with everything needed to finish them. Thanks to everyone for the inspiration!

Morag Cutts said...

So nice to hear from Niki - she seems so bubbly and gracious.

Love all the projects.

Erika M. said...

I'm loving all of the projects using Niki's products. I would also love to see some mini album kits and maybe something nature themed.

Scrappyjean said...

Cute stuff. I love your favorite color choices. I like kits with pp and matching embellishments.

jamie (mamato2joys) said...

I'd love to see the pet line, I have a lot of pet pictures and pictures of my kids with our pets. I can't wait to see the stickers too.

I love the Halloween line, and that there are other colors in it than the standard black and orange.


Unknown said...

Wow! Great projects. I really "need" the cute little mini album!

Anonymous said...

These are all very cute ideas! I absolutely love the mini ghost album that she made, it's adorable. I would like to see more mini albums...I like all of the though so any idea is great by me!! Happy Scrapping!

sarah said...

i still think she should make a dog line!!! :) hehe.

i'm sure a lot of dog owners would appreciate that! :)


gilroy gal said...

Darling minibook..and I love the 'potion' box! What a fun gift idea!

Kimber McGray said...

It's good to 'see' you here! And it was doubly nice to have been next to you at CHA and get time to chat before and after each day. I wish you continued success!!!

Nathalie said...

So fun to read! Nikki's so passionate about what she does :) I love the examples from your DT too! I will post a link to your giveaway on my blog tomorrow :)

ellen s. said...

what cuuuute paper and i love to read more about Niki! i love the projects so much, what GREAT inspiration!

Ginny said...

Cute stuff! I love the new blog - check it often for great ideas.

laterg8r said...

love these papers - love the vibrancy of the colors and the versatility of the papers - nikki should keep doing what she's doing - we love it :D