Thursday, October 14, 2010

A big AllyScraps welcome to Jennifer Beason!!

We are so pleased to welcome Jennifer Beason to the AllyScraps family. I know that you'll be so excited to meet her and to see her amazing work!! Here's Jennifer.

"Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Beason and I'm so thrilled to be a guest designer here at Ally Scraps this month. I have been paper crafting for about six years now. I like to scrapbook and make cards, but my true passion is creating altered projects. I am currently on the Maya Road design team which is a true blessing, not only for me but for my pocket book! :) If I had to classify my style I would say it's whimsical - I like my projects to make people smile. My three kids are my best inspiration and are always giving me tons of ideas."

Jennifer's first project is just adorable... an altered bat, just waiting to enjoy Halloween. She's given us amazing step by step instructions so you can make one for your house too.

1. Draw two wings on some chipboard, then cut them out.(See photo with "parts used to assemble bat.") Cover both sides of the wings with patterned paper, then use adhesive to glue some embroidery floss to the wings for some texture and a little definition. Set aside.
2. Next, cover two chipboard petals on both sides, to use as ears. Set them aside when done.
3. Then take a 6" paper mache egg and cut two slits at the top, just big enough for the ears to fit. Cut two slits on the side, for his wings and make two holes at the bottom of the egg for his legs. Note: You want the ears, wings and legs to fit as snug as possible.
4. Cover the egg with 1" strips of patterned paper. Trim away any of the paper that may have covered up your slits or holes.
5. Then cover your two dowels with patterned paper.
6. Now you have the main components of the bat done, you can begin piecing them together. Apply a little glue to the bottom of your bat's ears and push them into their slots. Then apply glue to the edges of each wing (the edge with the tab) and adhere to bat. Next apply glue at the top of each dowel then carefully push each one into the bottom of the egg. Set aside to dry.
7. To make the feet, cut a styro-foam ball in half. Use the bats legs to push two holes into the foam. Set the bat aside again, then cover the ball with a some Spackle Compound and allow to dry. Sand the ball to a smooth finish, then cover with patterned paper. Glue a decorative chipboard border (that has also been covered with patterned paper) to the base of the ball. When dry attach the bat to the ball / feet.
8. After painting the center of a Medallion Flower black, glue it between the bats ears. Partly cover some wiggly eyes with patterned paper and adhere in place. Next roll up a 2" wide piece of patterned paper, for the bat's mouth. Apply glue all over it, so it becomes easy to mold. Bend to shape and adhere it. Paint two mini bird wings white (these are the fangs) and when dry apply to the sides of the mouth.
9. Next use a recycled tape roll, or something else similar to create a base. To do this adhere some raw chipboard to the the top of the roll then trim away the excess. Then using cardstock, cut out a circle slightly larger than base and adhere the circle to the bottom of the base. (You should have a shape that kind of looks like a hat.)
10. Cover the top of the base and the sides with patterned paper. Then cut a zig-zag strip out of paper and attach it around the sides of the base. Use a scalloped border punch to make a thin border to go around the top of the base. Use the left over pieces (or negative pieces) to decorate the edges of the zig-zagged border.
11. After painting some crochet trim black, apply it around the bottom of the base then adhere some pleated trim around the edge of the cardstock circle.
12. Cut the heads of some Trinket Leaf Pins and use them to embellish the border along with some wiggly eyes.
13. Cover a chipboard birdcage with patterned paper, add rhinestone then use embroidery floss the to attach the "Trick Or Treat" chipboard piece to the bottom. Use some more embroidery floss to attach a hanging bead. Next add some wiggly eyes to the chipboard "boy in bat" costume. Then use a wired garland to hang both pieces form the bat's wings.

Ally Scrap Supplies:
BoBunny Press Whoo-ligans Collection, Dot
BoBunny Press Whoo-ligans Collection, Grrrr
BoBunny Press Whoo-ligans Collection, Rahh
BoBunny Press Whoo-ligans Collection, Spiders
BoBunny Press Whoo-ligans Collection, Stripe
BoBunny Press Whoo-ligans Collection, Batty
BoBunny Press Whoo-ligans Collection, 12x12 Chipboard
Maya Road, Leaf Trinket Pins (turquoise and green)
Maya Road, Medallion Flower (black)
Other Supplies:
Maya Road Borders Chipboard Sheet
Maya Road Mini Chipboard Set - Bird and Cages (for cage and fangs)
Maya Road Grosgrain Pleat Ribbon - Black
Maya Road Vintage Crochet Trim - Mini Ovals
Maya Road Chipboard Petals (ears)
Maya Road Trinket Beads
Fiskars Scalloped Border Punch
Craft Supplies:
6" paper mache egg, 2- 5 1/2" wood dowels, Mod Podge (matte) adhesive, embroidery floss, wiggly eyes, rhinestones, styro-foam ball, star garland and black marker.
Misc. Supplies:
Spackle Compound and recycled packing tape roll, cardstock or thin cardboard and raw chipboard.

Thank you SO much Jennifer, this project is amazing, and we can't wait to see what you come up with next. Enjoy your week! Dana


Heather Innusa said...

Ok, I just cannot tell you how completely and amazingly adorable this is!!!!! WOW! Thank you so much for sharing it and the directions!! My kids would get the BIGGEST kick out of something like this!!!

Kathlene said...

I've been an enthusiastic fan of Jennifer's incredible work for quite awhile and I'm so happy to see she will be designing for Ally Scraps! Adorable project.

Erika M. said...

Welcome Jennifer! Your creation is absolutely fabulous!

Cindy said...

So cute - and I love the Whoo-ligans collection!

Morag Cutts said...

OMG!! Just when I thought I'd seen everything cute - this guy is just ADORABLE!! I sooo want to make one of my own. TFS.

Melissa Bove said...

LOVE Jennifer!! Her work always amazes me! Love her style and creativity!! Awesome designer!!

Tova said...

OMG ! It's really fabulous !!!!
TFS with us !