Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Let it Snow" penguin.

Jennifer Beason's sweet creatures just warm my heart! This adorable penguin is looking up to the sky just wishing for snow, he is just amazing. The colors, the detail, the whimsy!!

1. Cut the top off the paper mache egg. (This will leave a hole, so the head will be able to rest on top.) Cut off the hanging part of the ornament. Don't worry about this hole, as it will get covered with paper.
2. Cut out enough scalloped border strips on the Silhouette to cover the body and head of the penguin.
3. After marking out in pencil, where the beak, tummy area and face of you penguin will be, begin to cover the ornament and egg with the border strips. Use torn patterned paper pieces to cover the face and beak area. Adhere the body and head together. and allow to dry.
4. Cut a paper strip large enough to go around the penguin's neck. Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the back of the strip and apply to the neck area. While applying make creases and folds in the paper. Cut two more strips, for the ends of the scarf. Apply crochet trim to the end of each strips and adhere the two pieces to the right side of the scarf. Embellish the scarf with tulle and a glitter covered snowflake. Add some glue and push a Trinket Pin in the center of the snowflake and directly into the penguin.
5. Draw then cut out two flippers from raw chipboard. Cover the back and front of each wing with patterned paper. Adhere the flippers to the body of the penguin.
Use the tips of large chipboard wings to create the feet of the bird. Cover with patterned paper. Set aside.
6. Create a hat by making a long cone shape. Scrunch the cone, then apply crochet trim around it. (The white trim was spritzed with buttermilk cream Maya Mist first.) Use another strip of paper to make the folded opening of the hat. Cover this strip with smaller strips placed vertically. Stitch two felt pom poms to the end of the hat. Adhere the pieces of the hat together and apply to the penguin's head.
7. Embellish the hat with a glitter covered snowflake and gems.
8. Cut three fish from some raw chipboard. Cover with paper and glitter, then use some wire to attach them to the penguin's flipper.
9. Add two black pearls for the eyes and parts of a mini scroll and feathers to the face.
10. Cover the lid and bottom of a medium sized box with patterned paper. Adhere swirl die-cut paper to the top of the box lid. Adhere border strips around the top edge of the lid (This border is the negative part of the scalloped strips used for the penguins body.) Also apply a different border stip about three quarters of the way up the box.
11. Cut lettering out on the Silhouette machine and adhered it to each side of the box lid.
12. Adhere the penguin and his feet to the top of the box.
13. Adhere felt balls and star Tinket Pins to the top of the box. Tip: If this is going to be used as a gift box add some foam to the inside of the of the lid, so that the ends of pins will be concealed and will not injure anyone.

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Pink Paislee Queen Bee Collection - Worker Bee
Pink Paislee Queen Bee Collection - Bees Wax
Maya Road - Vintage Crochet Trim - Baby Pom Pom, White
Maya Road Trinket Pins
Maya Road Trinket Pins - Crystal Stars
Maya Road Mini Chipboard Set -
Maya Road Mini Chipboard Set, Scrolls
Other Supplies:
Maya Road Mist - Buttermilk Cream
Maya Road Chipboard Wings Sheet
Plaid - Matte Mod Podge
Samantha Walker - Silhouette Files (Borders Wacky Set and Scallop Circle Border Set)
Samantha Walker - Swirl Die Cut Cardstock for Creative Imaginations
6" paper mache egg, paper mache ornament, paper mache box, tulle ribbon, feathers, felt balls, black pearls, gems, glitter, wire and raw chipboard.

Although Jennifer is finished with her October designing for AllyScraps, don't you worry! We already have her booked to come back. :) Thank you Jennifer for your creativity, your inspiriation and your completely detailed instructions that make us feel like we can create these works of art. Be sure to check out Jennifer's awesome blog to see more of her lovely creations. See you soon! Dana


Elena Litvinova said...

very cute!

Cindy said...

This penguin is too cute!

Morag Cutts said...

WOW - another amazing and extremely cute creature! Jennifer is just so talented

roree said...

this is so cute, jennifer! you are so creative! :)

Brittney said...

This is adorable!

Erika M. said...

Too cute and adorable!