Monday, January 17, 2011

Are you ready for Valentine's Day? We can help!

Linda Albrecht is back with us at AllyScraps this month... and she's getting ready for Valentine's Day. She's made a Valentine Box with decorations, just for us. This is what Linda has to say about her lovely project.

"The Valentine's Day hearts wall decor nestles in the box for storage
along with the garland so could give it away for a gift or keep it for
yourself and put sweet treats in the box while the other things decorate
your home for the holiday. Use the pretty papers found at AllyScraps and add some vintage fun with old dressmakers tissue accents. It's a timeless project that will
take you back to your childhood when you hand cut paper hearts to celebrate the day of love.

1. Cover the heart shaped box with desired patterned papers then for the
outside edge of the box top cut the width needed x 12" lengths of
patterned paper to cover the surface.
2. Use hot glue to hold paper "Ruffle" in place. Make folds as you glue
it down to the box top edge to form your ruffle.
3. Adhere the mini ric rac trim to the center of the ruffle that goes
around the box top edge.
4. Make a dressmaker's tissue flower from 1" strips. Adhere to the box
top then add glitter hearts to the flower center. Add a small button to
one heart and a ruffle blossom flower to the center of the other.
5. Hand cut a large heart that will fit inside of the box. I used the
box for the shape, then trimmed away 3/4" around all of the edge using a
pinking shears.
6. Use dressmaker's tissue to make a 1" ruffle around the outside edge
of the largest heart.
7. Hand cut hearts from patterned papers that decrease in size using a
pinking shears then apply glitter glue to the outside edges.
8. Sew a vertical line through the middle center of all of the hearts
using a sewing machine, fold hearts outward for dimension, then adhere a
ruffle blossom flower to the center of the smallest heart.
9. Make a smaller heart for the bottom cluster of hearts then cut out
several hearts from dressmaker's tissue, layer them to the first heart
then add another patterned paper heart to the top.
10. Machine sew the hearts together vertically down the center, fold
hearts outward then adhere a flower to the center.
11. Adhere a large button to the center of a punched paper circle and
apply glitter glue to the outside edge of the circle.
12. Use black crochet thread to connect the heart pieces together.
13. Hand cut or punch 2" hearts from patterned papers (cut 2 hearts for
each one heart on the garland.
14. Use a die cutting machine or punch to cut several flowers from
dressmaker's tissue.
15. String a flower in bunches onto the black crochet string, going
through the centers twice with a large needle then glue two hearts
together about 3" from the flower.
16. Continue to do this until you achieve the desired length of your

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Maya Road Ruffle Blossoms- Yellow and Pink
Melissa Frances Pop Out Glitter Hearts, pink
Heart shaped paper mache box,vintage dressmakers tissue, Stickles, large button, black crochet thread, mini ric rac trim

Thanks so much Linda, for your beautiful heartfelt project. Check out Linda's blog for more beautiful projects! Have a great week, Dana


Aditi Nayyar said...

Valentine's Day is all about all about celebrating the magic of love! hearts and roses are the best ways to express love to your beloved and hand made gifts are a bonus! Really nice stuff!!

Erika M. said...

I'm loving the fabulous creations - I can't believe Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

Happy Gardening, Kim said...

Love the heart!!! Found you on Pinertest. Love that site too!

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