Sunday, June 15, 2008

A fun little technique to try--

Ever want to add a little fun texture to your layouts? Well, I have a cute technique that you can use to add a funky "notebook paper" edge to your paper--it's super easy and can add a little bit of fun to your page. All you need are:

pen or pencil
hole punch
Xacto or craft knife

On the backside of your paper, mark every 1/2 inch about 1/4 inch from the edge--you can make it more than 1/4 inch if you want.

After marking the paper, use your hole punch to make holes where the dots are. You can use a standard office hole punch, or a smaller hole punch (like I used)--it's completely up to you!!

Once your holes are made, use your craft knife to make "slits" in the paper from the hole to the edge--make sure it's a narrow cut--

Once this is done, turn the paper over and distress the edges with an ink pad if you want--take your finger and lift some of the edges up to make it have a bit of dimension--

There you have it! A simple, fun way to make your own "notebook edged" paper!!

Another fun way to add some extra "oomph" to your pages is to add a little bling to your frames on your layouts--here is a frame I cut from cardstock with my Cricut and added some Glitz Icing around the edges--it just adds a bit more fun to your layout!!

Here is my completed layout that I did using these techniques:

Now go have fun and be sure to post your layout in the gallery!!



Missy said...

Kary your work is always so awesome!! Thanks for the techniques.

Morag Cutts said...

Great tips Kary. Love your layout (and that title rocks)!