Sunday, July 27, 2008

Book of Me

We are generally the least featured person in our scrapbooks. However, future generations will want to know about us too. What did we like? What did we do? This is why a Book of Me (BOM) is such a great idea.

We've been running a bi-weekly 'challenge' to get us going with our BOM. We have had some wonderful inspiration from guests. This week was the turn of Tracy.

{Prompt #11: My Travels}

Here's what Tracy had to say:
Sometimes I forget that I did have a life before I had kids. Even though I only started scrapping about 3 years ago I have done LO's from the time my first ds was born 7 years ago, but very few from before that. For that reason I wanted to document something that was very specical to dh and I before we had kids. And that was traveling. We tried to go somewhere every year, and now I see how special and precious that time was for us. So I have done an initial LO describing that and a LO from one of our trips. I plan to do a few more LO's from other trips we took before the kids came along.

Tracy has created a 'title' page for her travels.

As well has creating a wonderful LO about her travels to Alaska.

I chose to make the most of the Making Memories Road Sign paper and document a trip to California. I had so many photos that I created an accordian album to hold more.

By simply folding a strip of patterned paper into an accordian, I was able to hold another 6 photos and journalling.

So why not join us this week and create a LO about your trips?

Today is the last chance to add a comment. I'm going to be picking one lucky winner in the morning for a RAK. So don't be shy!

Happy Scrapping

Morag x


Arlene Camacho said...

wow, those are alllll awesome LO's!!!!

Missy said...

They all did a great job! I love seeing the layouts on the BOM.